want [wänt, wônt]
[ME wanten < ON vanta, to be lacking, want: see WANT the n.]
1. to have too little of; be deficient in; lack
2. to be short by (a specified amount) [it wants twelve minutes of midnight]
3. to feel the need of; long for; crave [to want adventure]
4. to desire; wish or long: followed by the infinitive [to want to travel]
a) to wish to see or speak with (someone) [wanted on the phone]
b) to wish to apprehend, as for questioning or arrest [wanted by the police]
6. Chiefly Brit. to require; need [this wants attending to]: Want is also used informally as an auxiliary meaning ought or should [ you want to be careful crossing streets ]
1. to have a need or lack: usually with for [to want for money]
2. to lack the necessities of life; be destitute or impoverished [Waste not, want not]
3. Rare to be lacking or missing for completeness or a certain result [there wants but his approval]
[ME < ON vant, neut. of vanr, deficient < IE base * (e)wā-, to lack > L vanus, empty]
1. the state or fact of lacking, or having too little of, something needed or desired; scarcity; shortage; lack [to suffer from want of adequate care]
2. a lack of the necessities of life; poverty; destitution [to live in want]
3. a wish or desire for something; craving
4. something needed or desired but lacking; need
want in or want out or want off
Informal to want to get, go, or come in (or out, off, etc.)

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